Being the best performing temp-to-hire staffing company, with an absolute focus on quality, and excelling in service for our people and customers.

We are not focused on volume, but rather on tailor-made recruiting.

Absolute.Jobs specializes in talent placement. By utilizing the temp-to-hire formula, we are able to attract the best people in the market. Qualified people want an outlook to a permanent position and we give that to them. For our customer, we created a pay-as-you-go formula, this means if the person we place is not qualified, you can terminate employment at any time, at which point you only pay for the hours performed.

On top of that, our “first cure, then pay” formula ensures that you don’t pay us a dime until we procure results. For companies, we are a real HR partner, who doesn’t just find the right talent, but also gives advice and support on how to retain these talents.

As a talent placement company, we combine the advantages and (financial) flexibility of the temp system, with the professionalism and quality of a head hunters office.

Discover which advantages this unique combination has for your company.

Advantages and flexibility of the temp system:

Absolute.Jobs takes care of:

  • All Administration
  • Drug Testing
  • Background Checks
  • Transparent Pricing
  • Payroll
  • We are your insurance policy for the human factor: sickness, workers comp., unemployment, etc.

Professionalism and quality of a head hunters office:

Absolute.Jobs takes care of:

  • all advertisements and marketing
  • screening of all resumes 
  • scheduling of candidates  
  • pre-interviews with candidates  
  • testing and assessments  
  • checking references
  • Accompanying the selection interview   
  • Follow up evaluations

Our values


Since the start of Absolute.Jobs in 2018, our founders have chosen to focus solely on the Temp-to-hire segment of the market, the most sustainable part of the staffing market.

We choose quality and professionalism, as well as a close-to-the-customer approach above volume and quantity.


Being a part of the absolute family means that we genuinely show interest in our customers business and that we actively listen to their needs and wants.

We can fulfill these needs because of our specialized recruiters and different HR solutions.


Exploring means discovering new paths, which we are not afraid of. As a pioneer in the staffing industry, it is important to keep innovating to keep making the difference for our customers.

Being different is embedded in our DNA.

Our process

1. How do we recruit?

We always strive for the best quality match between the candidate and the customer. It goes on where other players in the market stop. We achieve that by focusing solely on temp-to-hire, the most sustainable part of the staffing market.

Next to that, we accompany our candidates to the job interview, and we follow up and evaluate our candidates to ensure retention.

2. Accompanying the job interviews

When we send you a candidate, we will be present during the interview. Whether that is an in-person, video or phone interview, it enables us to get a unique view of your company culture and the needs of your company.

By doing this, we feel the dynamic of the interview and we can better guide you and the candidate in the decision making process.

Next to that, we accompany our candidates to the job interview, and we follow up and evaluate our candidates to ensure retention.

3. You are in charge!

Employer branding is right in our wheelhouse. It is an expertise we love to share with our customers. From start to finish of the recruitment process, we put you in charge.

You determine which candidates you would like to interview, if and when they can start and what the hourly rate will be.

4. Follow-up moments

Our commitment does not stop after the candidate starts. We feel it is important to follow up with our candidates at certain times during the temp-to-hire probationary period. 

We have 4 follow up moments with our candidates:

  • After the first day
  • After receiving the first paycheck
  • After one month
  • After 3 months

Doing this raises retention significantly. Communication is very important, and scheduling these follow up moments lowers the threshold for the candidate to talk to us in case something is not completely okay. That way, we can steer the ship in the right direction again.